Wednesday, December 10, 2008


SEED, an art collective in Chattanooga, TN is producing BIN. The motivation for BIN comes through a need to address the historical marginalization of artists and methods for overcoming this scenario. Each collective involved in this project is a vital model for alternative pathways, invention, action, and interdisciplinary approaches to making. This project is not predetermined. Instead of formulas, conventions, expectations, and objects - SEED is working with online relationships, and local negotiations.

SEED is pleased to announce the participation and/or contribution by some fantastic collectives including Basekamp (Philadelphia), BLW, Common Places Project (Tampa), DeadTech (Chicago), Fugitive Projects (Nashville), Graffiti Research Lab (New York), Guerrilla Girls, InCUBATE-Chicago (Chicago), Mess Hall (Chicago), Paintallica (Washington), RTmark, TEAM LUMP (Raleigh), 6+ , and The Yes Men.

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