Wednesday, July 2, 2008

IS Box on Minus Space

The Is Box is on the great
reductivist art themed site
known as:
Minus Space.

Monday, June 30, 2008

IS Box Update: A New Blog

An IS Box Blog has been created: IS editions.
You're invited to take a look.

This second IS box contains 6 limited-edition prints of 30x42cm, all signed and numbered, including a pop-up
by Henriƫtte van 't Hoog (double size unfolded).
The other 5 prints are by Tony Harding, Eric de Nie,
John Tallman, Gilbert Hsiao and John de Rijke.
The prints are combined with an essay by Marijke Uittenbroek' and is limited to 41 sets.

In case you wish to order a box, please send an e-mail to

On Steven Alexander's Blog

"Tallman is a true and fully engaged investigator of the nuances of reality, and a very savvy painter to boot. His work operates within a highly focused set of processes and strategies, but within those limitations, achieves a sense of total freedom – a freewheeling and playful approach to the richness latent in the mundane."


Steven Alexander's Blog