Monday, November 10, 2008

Contemporary Two-Dimensional Art Objects For the Home or Office

Contemporary Two-Dimensional Art Objects For Home or Office by John Tallman is a new set of colored cast resin objects created specifically for this exhibition.

Tallman's idiosyncratic art exists somewhere in between painting and sculpture, however they all explore vibrant color riding the vehicle of a wide range of materiality. All the work in this show are untitled, though the artist casually calls them “sponges, washcloths, and cotton balls.” This underscores the way Tallman simultaneously embraces and pokes serious fun at the high-minded ideals of late modern “purist” approaches to art making.

His work was last exhibited in Philadelphia in 2006 at the Abington Art Center. Since then his work has been included in exhibitions at The Drawing Center (NYC), IS Projects (The Netherlands), and Sydney Non-Objective (Australia).

A native of the Philadelphia area, Tallman now lives and works near Chattanooga, TN.
text by D. Witmer