Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Assemblage #3 and SNO

Rennaissance Art Investment Consultancy from Potts Point Australia had some nice words about Assemblage #3 and Sydney Non Objective:
Finally out in Marrickville, an assembly of three little shows at SNO (on until 7 December)was the only show which made us smile with optimism this month and gave us the urge to make SNO the first art space to be featured in In Focus (see below). On offer, in room 1, Assemblage No. 3 curated by Billy Gruner, brings together object based works from an international array of artists, Cathy Blanchflower (Melbourne), Christopher Dean(Sydney), Iemke van Dijk (Leiden), Anthony Farrell (Toowoomba), Emma Langridge(Melbourne), Ben Raynor (Melbourne), John Tallman (Tennessee), Ken Villa (Sydney),Guido Winkler (Leiden) united successfully by a monochrome wallwork by John Adair(Sydney).
See the full text at 'newsletter':
Rennaissance Art Investment Consultancy
Thanks to Billy Gruner for making it all happen.

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