Tuesday, October 28, 2008

November Exhibitions: Sydney and Philly

There are two exhibitions coming up for November.

'Assemblage No. 3' is a group exhibition at Sydney Non-Objective. Curation by Billy Gruner.

Sydney, Australia

'Contemporary Two-Dimensional Art Objects For Home and Office' is a solo exhibition at Green Line Art Projects, which is run by Douglas Witmer.


See it here.

Details to come...

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Myoung Jae said...

Hi John,

Did you know that this photo if Sydney is down the road from my parent's place? And the venue for your Sydney exhibition is across the road from where I lived during uni. How's that?

I've just been looking at your website for the first time and it reminds me of how much I love your work. Absolutely love it and the titles are excellent too. Its nice to see some familiar places as well in your shots.

And this post reminds me of our debacle up in Sydney when we tried to see your exhibition. It happened that we were up there in the last week and seeing it was Sunday and the exhibition closed, we found out on their webpage that we could call up for a private viewing. After many unanswered phone calls, we gave in to the feeling of disappointment for missing seeing your paintings (for it's like seeing you in a way) and feeling as if we'd somehow let you down as well. So we've been silently sheepish til now.

Don't know if Mer told you but we went to Korea this late Jan for my brother's wedding. YES, you read right, he actually did it. The running joke is how everyone from my family thanked his new wife profusely for having taken on such a chore/responsibility. We had a great time zipping round from Seoul to Taejon, to Jeonju, to Ulsan and back. I think my unbearable homesickness (inexplicable mind you) for Korea has been cured by the trip. Must say that strolling round Kyodong was extremely pleasing.

We've recently moved into our house in Bermagui, the beaches are beautiful our new chickens that Anise got for her 2nd birthday last weekend are about to lay. I daresay my family feels settled and are at peace. I hope you, Connie and Jacob are doing well. How old is Jacob now? We've forgotten how old he was when we parted ways. It'd wonderful to see all you again!

In the meantime, our shop has a new blog www.candelobooks.wordpress.com
So drop us a line.

Much love,